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Uniview Tri-Guard Active Deterrence Cameras

Uniview Tri-Guard Active Deterrence Cameras

Uniview's Tri-Guard Series IP Cameras: Enhanced Nighttime Security Solutions

Integrated Advanced Features:

  • Combines Smart Intrusion Protection (SIP), ColorHunter, and Active Deterrence in one IP camera.
  • Not only alerts during events but also captures detailed color images in low-light environments.

SIP Smart Intrusion Prevention:

  • Reduces false alarms to less than 1% by focusing on human and vehicle movements.
  • Ignores insignificant movements from objects like trees, lights, bugs, pets, etc.

Active Deterrence:

  • Features a built-in strobe light and speaker to drive away intruders during alarm events.

ColorHunter Technology:

  • Achieves low illumination level of .003lux for colorful images in ultra-low light.
  • Includes IR mode, Warm Light Mode, and Dual-Light Mode for optimal visibility and reduced light pollution.

Two-Way Audio Communication:

  • All Tri-Guard Cameras are equipped with built-in microphones and speakers for remote communication.

LightHunter Technology:

  • Delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and clear images in ultra-low light.
  • F1.2 Large Iris design & BSI sensor enhance image brightness and photosensitivity.
  • Patented U-ISP technology improves image definition and reduces blur, especially in moving objects.

Ultra 265 Compression:

  • Saves up to 95% in storage space and 75% in storage costs.
  • Efficiently manages storage by compressing less important areas while preserving crucial scenes.

Smart IR:

  • Adjustable IR illumination for balanced imaging.
  • Intelligent control modes and intensity levels, unaffected by external light sources.

True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):

  • Features 120 dB True WDR, ideal for high-contrast lighting environments.
  • Balances bright and dark areas for a comprehensive, detailed image.


  • IP677 rating ensures protection against dust, water, and immersion up to one meter.

Video Content Analytics:

  • Advanced motion detection capabilities differentiate between humans, vehicles, and other objects.

ANR Technology:

  • Ensures storage reliability during network disruptions.
  • Syncs video between camera SD card and NVR.

Motorized Zoom Vari-focal Cameras:

  • All varifocal cameras feature motorized zoom for precise control.

NDAA Compliance and ONVIF Compatibility:

  • Fully compliant with ONVIF standards and NDAA regulations.
Uniview's Tri-Guard Series IP Cameras provide a comprehensive solution for nighttime security, combining cutting-edge technologies to enhance surveillance effectiveness and deter potential intruders.

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  • Uniview 5MP Mini PTZ Camera with Tri-Guard Active Deterrence and Two-Way Audio Uniview 5MP Mini PTZ Camera with Tri-Guard Active Deterrence and Two-Way Audio

    Uniview Uniview 5MP Mini PTZ Camera with Tri-Guard Active Deterrence and Two-Way Audio

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    Introducing the Uniview UNVIPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG, a revolutionary 5MP Tri-Guard Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Camera equipped with 2-way audio, setting a new standard in surveillance technology. This camera is not just about monitoring; it's about proactive security. With its unique configuration options, it can deter potential intruders through flashing red/blue lights, audio warnings, and auto-tracking features, making it an effective virtual guard for your premises.     Key Features: High-Resolution Imaging: Captures crisp, detailed footage with a 5MP, 1/2.7" CMOS sensor. Advanced Compression: Supports Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG formats for efficient storage. Smart Intrusion Prevention: Includes Cross Line, Intrusion, Enter Area, Leave Area detection with false alarm filtering. People Counting: Ideal for crowd density monitoring and people flow counting in various scenarios. LightHunter Technology: Guarantees superior image quality in low-light conditions. Wide Dynamic Range: Up to 120 dB Optical WDR ensures clarity in contrasting lighting. Two-Way Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker for interactive communication. Extended IR Range: Smart IR with up to 50m coverage and 10m warm light distance. Storage Options: Micro SD support up to 256GB. Robust Design: IP66 rated for outdoor use and challenging weather conditions. Flexible Power Supply: Compatible with DC12V and PoE (IEEE 802.3af).   Camera Specifications: Lens: 2.8~12mm, AF automatic focusing and motorized zoom lens with 4x optical zoom. Field of View: Horizontal 104.1° ~ 30.6°, Vertical 54.9° ~ 17.4°. DORI Distance: Effective detection up to 270.0m (885.8ft). Illuminator: IR range up to 50m (164ft), Warm Light range up to 10m (33ft). Video Capabilities: Triple streams with main stream up to 5MP (2880*1620) at 30fps. Pan & Tilt: Wide range with 0° ~ 345° pan and -10° ~ 110° tilt.   The Uniview UNVIPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG is more than just a camera; it's a comprehensive security solution, perfect for areas requiring active deterrence and high-quality surveillance.

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