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Explore our specialized selection of ESD Static Protection equipment at Tri-Tek Electronics, essential for safeguarding sensitive electronic components:
  • Comprehensive ESD Solutions: Includes anti-static wrist straps, mats, grounding cords, and more.

  • Essential for Sensitive Electronics: Protects against electrostatic discharge damage during manufacturing, repair, or assembly.

  • High-Quality Wrist Straps: Adjustable and comfortable, ensuring a secure connection to ground.

  • Durable ESD Mats: Available in various sizes, these mats provide a safe workspace by dissipating static.

  • Reliable Grounding Tools: Grounding cords and clips designed for effective static control.

  • ESD Safe Containers: Storage solutions that shield components from static damage.

  • Safety & Compliance: Products meet industry standards for ESD safety.

  • Suitable for Professionals & Workshops: Ideal for electronics technicians, labs, and assembly lines.

  • Trusted Manufacturers: Sourced from reputable brands known for their focus on ESD protection.

Our ESD Static Protection category at Tri-Tek Electronics offers everything you need to create a static-safe work environment. As an authorized distributor, we ensure full manufacturer warranty coverage, best pricing, and factory support. The right ESD protection tools are crucial in preventing static-induced damage, ensuring the longevity and reliability of electronic components and systems. Whether for professional electronics work or personal projects, our ESD Static Protection products provide the safety and assurance necessary for handling sensitive electronics.
Static Mat - 48in. X 24in.
Static Mat - 48in. X 24in.
6 ft ESD Safe Velcro Wrist Strap
SAVE $0.78
6 ft ESD Safe Velcro Wrist Strap
$5.09 $5.87
SAVE 13%