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HDMI Connectors

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  • Inline HDMI Surge Protector Inline HDMI Surge Protector

    Simplified MFG Inline HDMI Surge Protector

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    Simplified MFG HDSURGE: Inline HDMI Surge Protector Tri-Tek Electronics proudly offers the Simplified MFG HDSURGE, an essential inline HDMI surge protector designed to safeguard your AV equipment from electrical surges and spikes. This high-performance surge protector ensures the longevity and reliability of your HDMI-connected devices, making it a must-have for both residential and commercial AV installations. As an authorized distributor, we provide full manufacturer warranty coverage, competitive pricing, and comprehensive factory support. Product Overview The Simplified MFG HDSURGE is a robust inline HDMI surge protector that provides critical protection against power surges, voltage spikes, and lightning strikes. It safeguards HDMI equipment such as TVs, projectors, AV receivers, and gaming consoles from potential damage caused by electrical disturbances. This protector supports HDMI 2.0, ensuring high-speed data transfer and maintaining excellent video and audio quality. Ideal for use in home theaters, corporate AV setups, and commercial installations, the HDSURGE is easy to install and offers peace of mind by preventing costly repairs and downtime. Key Features Surge Protection: Shields HDMI equipment from power surges, voltage spikes, and lightning strikes, ensuring long-term reliability. High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Support: Maintains high-speed data transfer up to 18Gbps, compatible with 4K and HDR content. Easy Installation: Inline design allows for quick and simple installation between the HDMI source and display. Wide Compatibility: Works with all HDMI devices, including TVs, projectors, AV receivers, gaming consoles, and more. Compact Design: Sleek and unobtrusive form factor, suitable for various installation environments. Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for robust performance and longevity. Peace of Mind: Prevents costly repairs and downtime by protecting valuable AV equipment from electrical damage. Technical Specifications Specification Details HDMI Version HDMI 2.0 Max Resolution 4K @ 60Hz (YUV 4:4:4) Bandwidth Up to 18Gbps Surge Protection Up to 8kV Connector Type HDMI Male to HDMI Female Compatibility Supports all HDMI devices Dimensions 2.2” x 1.0” x 0.5” Weight 0.1 lbs Installation Inline, plug-and-play Warranty 3 Years Installation Scenario In a home theater setup, the Simplified MFG HDSURGE can be installed between your AV receiver and TV or projector to provide protection against electrical surges that could damage your expensive equipment. This ensures that your home entertainment system remains operational and free from interruptions caused by power disturbances. In a corporate environment, the HDSURGE offers protection for HDMI-connected devices used in conference rooms, such as projectors and monitors, safeguarding them against surges that can occur from lightning or power grid fluctuations. This helps maintain the reliability of AV systems crucial for meetings and presentations. For commercial applications, such as digital signage or retail displays, the HDSURGE provides essential protection for multiple HDMI devices, ensuring continuous and safe operation. By preventing damage from electrical surges, it helps avoid costly repairs and minimizes downtime, keeping displays running smoothly for an optimal customer experience. Tri-Tek Electronics Advantage Authorized Distributor: Full warranty coverage and factory support. Expert Support: Knowledgeable staff ready to assist with product selection and installation guidance. Best Pricing: Competitive pricing with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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  • HDMI Connector 19pin Female 90 Degree

    Pan Pacific HDMI Connector 19pin Female 90 Degree

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    Pan Pacific PANHDI-19SR-P HDMI 19pin FEMALE 90 Degree Thru Hole    

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    $2.59 $1.89

  • HMDI 19 Pin Connector Hood Set

    Pan Pacific HMDI 19 Pin Connector Hood Set

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    Pan Pacific HDMI 19P Connector & Hood Set  

    2 in stock

    $9.79 $6.99

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