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  • Bluetooth Audio Receiver & FM Transmitter

    ArmorAll Bluetooth Audio Receiver & FM Transmitter

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    Armor All ABA9-1003-BLK- Bluetooth Audio Receiver & FM Transmitter  The Armor All ABA9-1003-BLK is a versatile Bluetooth audio receiver and FM transmitter, designed to enhance your in-car audio experience. This device allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet directly to your car's FM stereo system without the need for wired connections. With an easy-to-use interface and quick setup, it offers a practical solution for enjoying your favorite tunes and podcasts on the go. Key Features Connectivity: Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless audio streaming. FM Transmitter: Transmits on FM frequencies to link with your car’s radio system. Compatibility: Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device and any car stereo with FM radio. USB Charging Port: Includes a USB port for charging mobile devices. Hands-Free Calls: Built-in microphone allows for safe hands-free calling while driving. Audio Quality: Delivers high-quality sound with minimal distortion. Ease of Use: Simple plug-and-play setup with intuitive controls. Installation Scenario Ideal for older car models without built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Once connected, it pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, allowing the user to transmit audio through the car's FM radio. It also facilitates hands-free calls, enhancing safety while driving. This product effectively bridges the gap between modern wireless audio technology and older automotive stereo systems, offering a straightforward upgrade that enhances the in-car entertainment experience.

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  • In-Wall Bluetooth Reciver Line Lever Out In-Wall Bluetooth Reciver Line Lever Out

    In-Wall Bluetooth Receiver Line Level Out

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    Introducing the PI-Manufacturing TA-1350WPA In-Wall Bluetooth Receiver Line Level Out, a cutting-edge solution for seamless audio integration in any space. 🎵 **Key Features:** - **Audio Inputs:** Bluetooth receiver or stereo audio line level - **Audio Source Select:** Automatically switches sources, prioritizing Bluetooth - **Audio Output:** Stereo audio phone jack or 3-pin Screw terminal - **Power Input:** 5VDC via Power jack or 2-pin Screw terminal - **Stereo Audio Output:** Connects to any speaker system - **Bluetooth Version:** v5.0 - **Bluetooth Receive Distance:** 10 Meters - **Power Source:** 5VDC/1A **Bluetooth LED Status:** - *Pairing Mode:* 1s on/off flash 1 time - *Linked Mode:* Always on - *Connectable Mode:* 5s on/off flash 1 time **Why Choose Tri-Tek Electronics?** - Authorized distributor of PI-Manufacturing - Limited stock available due to closeout special - Exclusive benefits of purchasing from an authorized distributor Don't miss out on this exceptional product that combines advanced technology with ease of use. Upgrade your audio systems with the PI-Manufacturing TA-1350WPA In-Wall Bluetooth Receiver Line Level Out today! 🎶

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