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  Each major TV network sends its signal to affiliate stations across the country. These local stations then broadcast the network feed over the air via radio waves, which are picked up by antennas in people's homes. Watch your favorite shows in HD for free Local Channels are free. All you need is an HD antenna and a good signal to watch local channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, PBS, Univision and many more without a monthly bill. You won't miss popular events like the Olympics, Oscars or the Super Bowl when you cut the cord!  

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  • Philmore Mfg 46-600 Top-of-Set TV Antenna

    Philmore Mfg. Philmore Mfg 46-600 Top-of-Set TV Antenna

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    Philmore 46-600 Ultra-Modern All-Channel Top-of-Set TV Antenna VHF/UHF/FM New streamlined design of this antenna provides low profile, pleasing appearance. The unit has a 12-position tuning circuit to maximize signal strength.

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  • FM Dipole Antenna - 60"

    Philmore Mfg FM Dipole Antenna - 60"

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    Philmore 5031TV, FM Dipole Antenna - 60" Need to enhance the FM radio reception of your home stereo or receiver system? This simple indoor antenna attaches to the antenna input screw terminals on your home theater receiver or stereo. It is constructed from light-weight 300-Ohm twin lead and is terminated with pre-crimped spade terminals. The feed line is a generous 70" long allowing this antenna to be routed and easily hidden behind your AV cabinet, TV stand or book shelf. The antenna is light weight and can be supported with thumb-tacks or scotch tape. Features: Dipole Element Length (Overall): 60" Feed line Length: 70" End Terminal Type: Spade Terminals

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