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NTE Thermal Cut-Offs (TCOs): Essential Safety Components in Electrical Equipment

  1. Overview:

    • NTE offers a wide range of axial and radial lead thermal cut-offs, also known as thermal fuses or TCOs.
    • A thermal fuse is a one-time use safety device that prevents overheating in electrical equipment.
  2. Function and Design:

    • Operates differently from a thermal switch; it doesn't reset but permanently opens the circuit when triggered.
    • Contains a thermal pellet or fusible alloy that melts at a preset temperature, breaking the circuit to prevent overheating.
  3. Typical Applications:

    • Found in heat-producing electrical appliances like HVAC equipment, small home appliances (coffee makers, hair dryers, toasters), water heaters, and motors.
    • Protects against fire hazards by disconnecting the current in case of a malfunction.
  4. Selection Criteria:

    • Choose based on the maximum temperature experienced during normal operation, including short-term overshoots.
    • Marked with opening temperature and/or part number for easy identification and replacement.
  5. Life Expectancy and Nuisance Trips:

    • Life expectancy depends on the operating temperature relative to the fuse's rating.
    • A rating too close to normal operating temperature may increase the risk of nuisance trips.
  6. Storage Precautions:

    • Low-temperature TCOs, like the NTE8065, can be sensitive to high storage or transportation temperatures.
  7. Installation and Soldering:

    • Careful soldering is crucial to avoid premature stress or damage.
    • NTE recommends using heat-sinked soldering techniques or their crimp splices (P/N: TCO-SPLICE) to prevent damage from high temperatures.

NTE's thermal cut-offs are vital for ensuring safety in various electrical appliances, offering reliable protection against potential overheating and fire hazards.

141 °C Thermal Fuse
Sold Out
141 °C Thermal Fuse
104 °C Thermal Fuse
104 °C Thermal Fuse
128 °C Thermal Fuse
128 °C Thermal Fuse
Thermal Cut Off Fuse 72°C, 162°F
SAVE $0.35
Thermal Cut Off Fuse 72°C, 162°F
$1.25 $1.60
SAVE 22%
170° C Thermal Fuse
170° C Thermal Fuse
216 °C Thermal Fuse
216 °C Thermal Fuse