Uniview Professional Series Cameras

Uniview Professional Series Cameras


Uniview's Professional IP cameras are born with ultra-smart technology to deliver a superior user experience. The Pro Series cameras are suitable for a wide range of challenges, featuring AlphaView Deep Learning AI functionality to focus on people and vehivcles in an image with high accuracy so you can limit your attention to real events.

  • Wide Temperature and Voltage Range - Able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F and remain stable under voltage drops of up to 25%. In addition, Pro Series cameras feature IP67 and IK10 durability ratings.
  • Built-in Surge Prevention - ensure devices operate safely and smoothly 24 hrs 7 days with up to 6KV surge protection built-in.
  • SIP Smart Intrusion Prevention - Reduce false alarms to less than 1% by focusing on human and vehicle traffic and disregarding insignificant movement of random objects light tress, lights, bugs, pets, etc.
  • LightHunter Technolgy delivers vivid color, appropriate brightness, and extremely clear images in ultra-low light. LightHunter Technology significantly improves the image brightness with F1.2 Large Iris design & BSI sensor. With the specially designed large size sensors, the IPCs have higher photosensitivity, and feature high SNR. UNV's uniquely patented technology U-ISP improves the definition and brightness of images. U-ISP features a new generation of noise reduction technology to improve Signal-Noise Ratio and reduce blur. It effectively reduces blur during objects moving, which ensures that the image is restored to the true scene.
  • Ultra 265 Compressionan end to end solution which can save up to 95% storage space and 75% storage cost, brings great convenience to users. By combining Uniview's patented U-code technique with H.265 compression, scenes containing important information are preserved while the other relatively static area such as lawns and white walls are squeezed to save storage.
  • Smart IR - Offering a variety of configuration options to the user, Uniview cameras adjust IR illumination levels to achieve the most balanced image effects. Control modes include Road, Park, Indoor, Overexposure Restrain, and 3 levels of illumination intensity. In addition, IR illumination is determined not by an external photodiode, but intelligently by image analysis, making nearby lighting sources irrellevant to the settings.
  • True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - all Uniview Basic series cameras feature 120 dB True WDR, a technology usually saved for higher priced cameras from other brands. WDR is perfect for handling scenes with high-contrast lighting, such as window, corridor, front door or other scenes that are bright outside but dim inside by neutralizing bright and dark spots to create a detailed full-frame image.
  • Excellent Indoors or Outdoors - All cameras in the Uniview Basic series have an IP677 rating, offering complete protection against ingress of dust and airborne particles as well as protection against water and liquids, up to and including immersion in up to one meter of water.
  • Deep Learning Analytics - Well beyond simple motion detection, Uniview's cameras utilize built-in Crossline and Intrusion Detection Intelligence, People Flow Counting, Crowd Density, Object left, object moved, and Face Capture.
  • ANR technology - Edge recording and syncing to ensure storage reliability when the network is disconnected. Recorded video automatically syncs between camera SD card and NVR.
  • Motorized Zoom Vari-focal Cameras - all Uniview varifocal cameras feature a motorized zoom lens that can be controlled through the camera GUI, the NVR, or the EZView app. Perfect for installation precision.
  • NDAA Compliance and ONVIF Compatibility - unlike HikVision and Dahau, and the many OEM brands reselling from these manufacturers, Uniview cameras are fully ONVIF compliant and are not subject to any restrictions imposed by the Federal National Defense Authorization Act.

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