Restaurant and Retail LED Lighting

Restaurant and Retail LED Lighting


Our ThinLUX ML-series LED lighting features Dotless LED technology to eliminate the typical bright spots reflected off of the lit surfaces. These premium-quality latest generation LEDs enhance the natural colors, rich tones and textures of fresh food and other natural materials such as wood, leather and clothing by providing a wider light spectrum and near sunlight-perfect color rendering with no color variations between LED chips. The densely aligned LED configuration on the ML-series LED strips create an almost seamless line of clean light. Perfect for stunning retail displays or even high end home kitchen cabinetry and shelving!

Available in 3 color temperatures and several standard cabinet sizes for easy installations. Each 24 VDC strip is terminated with power leads to easily connect the LED strips in series for your specific installation.  High bond adhesive tape is pre-installed on each strip as well, so you can simply press them into place and connect them to power or a dimmer and enjoy the results!


  • Mounted in high quality, low profile aluminum rail
  • 24 VDC @ 3W per foot
  • High bond double-sided tape pre-installed
  • Available in 3 color temperatures:
    • Daylight White (5000-5500K) - Closest to natural Sunlight. Best for food and retail displays!
    • Natural White (4000-4500K) - High-Definition soft lighting that brings out rich tones in stone and natural woods in cabinets.
    • Soft White (3000-3300K) - Warm soft light perfect for architectural spaces and residential display shelfs.
  • Pre-cut and configured in most common kitchen cabinet widths for easy installation!
  • Made in USA!